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Fluid Vol. 2 1921 Fade

The 1921 Fade pays tribute to Black Wall Street, offering a glimpse of the professionalism that's attached to the heritage of natural, curly hair patt

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Fluid Vol. 2 Desvanecido De 1921 (SP)

El desvanecido de 1921 rinde homenaje al Black Wall Street, ofreciendo una muestra del profesionalismo que acompana a la herencia de los patrones natu

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Fluid Vol. 2 Tignon Drop

A tignon is a type of head covering Creole women in Louisiana were made to use to cover their beautiful curly hair in the 17oo's. Today, we are encour

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Fluid Vol. 2 Tigon Drop (SP)

Un tignon es un tipo de paiio que las mujeres criollas de Louisiana usaban para cubrir su hermoso cabello rizado en el siglo XVIII. En la actualidad,

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Fluid Vol. 2 Modern Day Frederick Douglass

Fredrick Douglass was a Black abolitionist in the 18oo's, whose hair can be best described as a free-flowing afro, full of texture through neatly arr

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Fluid Vol. 2 Un Frederick Douglass Moderno (SP)

Frederick Douglass fue un abolicionista negro del siglo XIX cuyo cabello puede describirse como un afro completamente fluido, lleno de textura gracias

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