Cord/Cordless Nail Grinder

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Groom confidently with a nail grinder designed for comfort and calmness.

Cord/Cordless Nail Grinder

Fine grit for premium finish.

Few things are larger than the love a pet parent has for their fuzzy munchkin. Promote great health and greater peacefulness with this pain-free approach to trimming nails of dogs and cats. Ensure your creative expression keeps even the most sensitive pets comfortable as you shape their nails. This grinder comes with fine-grit and premium-finishing grindstones. A dual-speed motor takes you from normal to turbo for any size length, so you can safely smooth even the toughest nails. Ergonomic body-design sits beautifully in your hand, making easy work of any-sized pet. With a multi-function cap and charging adapter, your pet heads out in the world feeling confident and clean.


  • Dual-Speed Motor
  • Ergonomic, Intuitive Design
  • Multi-Function Cap
  • Ultra-light, Ergonomic Design
  • Up to 3-Hour Run Time

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